*Late Polishness. Forms of national identity after 1989.
Późna polskość. Formy narodowej tożsamości po 1989 roku.
I had a pleasure to design a visual identity for the exhibition as well as variety of printed materials,
from large format posters and banners to a programme set in two languages. Working on KV I choose 
the photo of slavic sunset to emphasize the idea of decay in the most depoliticized way. 
This has taken the form of modern glitch art, which focuses on the very last impression. 
Label Magazine had described the whole U-jazdowski rebranding, made by Marian Misiak & Tomek Bersz).
As one of the example of implementing the new identity, they used a postcard by me.
The typesetting and text makeup of the exhibition programme was kind-of challenge for me. 
The beautifully designed visual identity by Misiak & Bersz, in other hand, put a lot of rules to follow.
Internet banners displayed, among others, on U-jazdowski www.
Reformatting my key visual and preparing for printing for numerous outdoor media.
Próżna polskość instead of Późna polskość - Vain polishness instead Late polishness.
That's how the city affects sterile projects.

Other works: